You will receive your Shiatsu treatment fully clothed (minus shoes). Loose clothing is best and please avoid belts and chunky buckles that might get in the way. Normally you will lie on a futon at floor level, but we can use a chair or treatment table if this would be more comfortable.

Sessions last for an hour and start with a check-in to discuss your health and how you’re feeling. You will then receive Shiatsu for about 45 minutes. This will likely involve:

  • Gentle manipulation,
  • ‘Listening’ and holding,
  • Careful stretching,
  • Touch (using thumbs, finger tips, palms and sometimes elbows, knees and feet), that follows particular meridian pathways along different parts of your body, and
  • Work on certain pressure points.

Often one of the practitioner’s hands will be stationary on the body while the other hand moves.

"Deeply relaxing"

During the treatment, you may experience slight tenderness, but not pain. Patients generally find Shiatsu to be pleasant and relaxing, often with unexpected emotions, physical sensations and realisations coming to the surface.

How many sessions should you need before seeing a result?

How many sessions a client chooses to have is very much up to them. Some people like to book regular sessions, about one per month, feeling this helps keep them emotionally and physically in balance. Other people find just a few sessions is enough to relieve a particular ailment they are experiencing.

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